Beneficial & Harmful Effects

There are fifteen beneficial effects and fifteen harmful effects in the game. Understanding their impact can help you plan your strategy and succeed in battle!

Beneficial Effects

Icon Name Description
Increase ATK Increase ATK Increases damage/effect of skills that scale with Attack by 50%
Increase DEF Increase DEF Increases total Defense by 50% (reduces non-armoring damage by 33%)
Increase Crit Rate Increase Crit Rate +30% flat Crit Rate
Increase Crit Resist Increase Crit Resist Halves total Crit chance of attackers (prevents half of incoming critical hits)
Increase Attack Speed Increase Attack Speed +33% total Speed (attack bar moves 33% faster, deal more damage with skills that scale with Speed)
Recovery Recovery Heals 15% of the target's Max HP
Counter Counter Retaliates with the monster's first skill when struck
Revenge Revenge 50% chance to counterattack when an ally is struck
Immunity Immunity Prevents harmful effects from being applied, including attack gauge reduction.
invincibility invincibility Prevents all damage
Reflect Damage Reflect Damage Attacker receives 33% of the damage they dealt upon attacking
Shield Shield Prevents a certain amount of damage from being taken (includes Continuous Damage and Bombs)
Endure Endure Unable to be killed. HP will not go below 1
Protect Soul Protect Soul If the monster dies with the effect active, it will revive
Shield Shield Absorbs damage equal to 10% of the monster's Max HP

Harmful Effects

Icon Name Description
Increased chances of missing Increased chances of missing +50% chance of causing attacks to land as Glancing Hits (Glancing Hits deal 50% less damage, cannot crit, and do not apply harmful effects including Attack Gauge reduction)
Decrease ATK Decrease ATK Decreases damage of attack scaling attacks by 50%
Decrease DEF Decrease DEF Decreases defense
Decrease Attack Speed Decrease Attack Speed -33% total Speed (attack bar moves 33% slower, deal less damage with skills that scale with Speed)
Beneficial Effects Blocked Beneficial Effects Blocked Prevents beneficial effects from being applied, excluding attack gauge increase
Bomb Bomb Deals a fixed amount of damage scaled from the applier's ATK when the bomb's timer runs out
Provoke Provoke Forces the target to attack the monster that applied the harmful effect. Uses the monster's first ability
Sleep Sleep Causes turn to be missed. Removed if target is attacked
Continuous Damage Continuous Damage Damaged by 5% of Max HP per turn upon receiving a turn
Freeze Freeze Causes turn to be missed
Stun Stun Causes turn to be missed
Unrecoverable Unrecoverable Prevented from being healed. Health balancing effects may still cause health to increase
Silence Silence Skills with cooltime are blocked for a number of turns
Brand Brand Enemies with Branding Effect take more Damage
Oblivion Oblivion Prevents passives from functioning while the debuff is in effect